In 2012, Emily Bache started a collection on GitHub of three katas specifically selected for use in a Legacy Code Retreat (Tennis, Yahtzee, and Gilded Rose) and invited others to contribute, and contribute they did. The result, in at least 5 languages, can be found here.  Although that work included links over to Cyber-Dojo, those links no longer work. 

So, I re-ported the work over to Cyber-Dojo, added attribution and a link back to the github repo at the bottom of the instructions pages, and renamed the code and test sources to reflect the exercises. Here are the keys on Cyber-Dojo:

Lang:   ["Tennis", "G Rose", "Yahtzy"],
CSharp: ["53C59C", "294BBB", "D08160"],
CPP:    ["3DA231", "77146E", "FE4865"],
Java:   ["876748", "19E971", "7FD3B4"],
JS:     ["14DFAF", "E9C44B",     nill], 
Python: ["461D9A", "C38077", "0EB11E"],
Ruby:   ["239135",     nill, "1C1D6A"]

re. the nill values: Yahtzy wasn’t on the repo in JavaScript, and Gilded Rose in Ruby I just didn’t re-port (ran out of time).

There’s even more on Emily’s Github repo, but Cyber-Dojo doesn’t offer SmallTalk (unless someone has forked CD somewhere so that it does ?! ).

Thank you Emily.  These made for a GREAT legacy code retreat.