Do you remember the Delete Your Code! videos some of the coderetreat facilitators created last year? Did you think it was great to see other people who are passionate about coderetreat from around the world?  Well, now is your chance! Make your own Delete your Code video and you could win two ebooks  (compliments of Pragmatic Programmer and O’Rielly) in the process!

The contest is simple: create a Delete Your Code video, upload it to your favorite video sharing service (like YouTube or Vimeo) and share it on On November 8th, the video with the most “Likes” wins!

Not interested in creating a video? Then vote for your favorite! Simply watch some Delete Your Code! videos, and Like the your favorites to vote. The videos are short, so it will not take you long to watch them. Anyone can vote!

So get ready, get creative, and tell the world to delete their code!


  • A free ebook from Pragmatic Programmer

  • A free ebook from O’Reilly

  • Worldwide fame

How to Vote

  1. Watch the videos tagged with Delete Your Code! on

  2. If you like a video and want to vote for it, click the Like button found just below the video (you need to be signed in to to Like a video).

How to Submit a Video

  1. Record your video. Mention who you are, where you are from, and then tell everyone to “stop, delete your code, and stand up”.
  • Your video does not have to be very long. The average is 10-20 seconds long!

  • You don’t need a fancy leader like the Delete Your Code! videos from last year.

  • You can put more in the video than just “Delete Your Code!”. Feel free to tell people about yourself and what coderetreat means to you.

  • Be creative! Find new and fun ways to tell people to delete their code. For inspiration, look at some of the existing Delete Your Code videos.

  1. Upload your video on your favorite video sharing site (like YouTube or Vimeo)

  2. Share your video on coderetreat org:

Important: your video must be tagged with “deleteyourcode” in order to be eligible to win.

  1. Feel free to submit more than one video and to vote on other submitted videos!


  • Entries must contain content about coderetreat

  • Entries must be submitted by November 8th, 2013, but the sooner you submit, the more opportunity people will have to vote on your video.

  • Entries must not violate the Terms of Service

  • In the case of a tie, the GDCR Global Coordinators will choose the winner.

  • Only vidoes shared on and tagged with “deleteyourcode” are eligible for the contest.

  • Delete Your Code! videos from last year are not eligible for the contest. Only new videos will be accepted.

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