The Global Day of Coderetreat concluded on 14 December 2013. Programming communities all over the world have managed to set a new record – this year’s workshops were concurrently held in 180 cities! And how did the Wroclaw edition look like in comparison? Find out in our small summary.

“Thirty coders walk into a room” – this sounds almost like a beginning of a joke. But in reality, it was a beginning of the free Coderetreat workshop that has happened last Saturday morning in the Wroclaw Technological Park.

In case you want to know what Coderetreat is, here’s a good summary. It wasn’t a first Coderetreat in Wrocław, but it was the first one we had a pleasure to support and organize – and with a good result!

All went according to plan. The signups (announced here) proved so popular, that we have raised the number of available places to 30. After one of our hosts explained the rules, the participants started working in pairs, solving a problem related to the famous Game of Life.

Before and after each session the participants had a chance to talk everything through and present their conclusions. There was also a c-c-combo breaker, in form of a free lunch. At the end of the day, people were leaving the venue tired but happy, grabbing their complimentary t-shirts and some PGS Software freebies.

If you want to see how the event looked like, here’s a sneak peek:

As usual, some things had to be improvised on the go. The coffee was running out all the time, one of the dishes arrived long after the lunch, and 30 laptops in a single room slowed our WiFi to a crawl (although people only needed it to tweet and share their progress).

One funny thing that surprised us was the affinity programmers had for a specific color. We brought plenty of PGS Software’s signature mugs, yet coders only used the black ones, which soon became a valuable commodity…

Of course, if finding a mug in your favourite color is your only problem, then the event is organized really well. And it was. We now plan to host a Coderetreat next year too and (judging from the feedback we got) we won’t be short of participants. We are very happy we could hold an interesting, fee workshop, while promoting PGS Software and the Wroclaw Technological Park at the same time.

If this looked interesting to you, you might want to know that Coderetreat Wroclaw 2013 is just one of many educational initiatives of PGS Software developers. Many more meetings, events and workshops will be announced on our new event page:

We hope to see you on one of them!

GDCR 2013 Wroclaw photos:…