Ask the attendees what they want

During the Global Day of Coderetreat 2014 (GDCR) I facilitated the event in Turku, Helsinki. That is when I presented the toughest constraint ever in any coderetreats I facilitated until now.

Since I have a lot of constraints in the list, some time ago I started to ask the attendees how difficult would they want the constraints to be. I am asking them on scale from 1 to 5, 1 being boring, and 5 being extremely difficult, what would they want to do as difficulty.

Another thing I’m doing, stealing the idea from Alex, is to ask the attendees of the coderetreat about the expectations they have. They write one expectation on a sticky note and we look at them and they choose what they want to practice. I tell them about constraints that will generate the kind of learning they want.

Usually during coderetreats the attendees want constraints of the difficulty between 2 and 3. Probably because 1 seems boring and 5 seems scary.

The constraint

Now it was different. They wanted the scary constraints. And they insisted. So here is the constraint.

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