Earlier this year we deactivated new registrations and most of the features of the NING-powered social network on coderetreat.org. We decided to deprecate the network as we were not able to maintain and evolve it in the last few years.

Instead, we’re now focussing on collaboratively building a new home for all resources related to the Global Day Of Coderetreat and on the format itself. We’re making this as easily accessible for everyone who wishes to contribute, both on GitHub and on #coderetreat on the Software Craftsmanship Slack.

How can I register my GDCR17 event now?

That’s the good news for all of us. By publishing the source for this project on GitHub, we’re not only making it easier for others to contribute to the project, but at the same time we’re also reducing the complexity of registering your event on coderetreat.org.

Long story, short: Follow this guide and create a Pull Request with all information on your event provided either in JSON or YAML.

We can use this data to create all the tools that bring us closer together on the Global Day Of Coderetreat. Previously, this was a very manual process (remember the NING events with a custom tag and the Google Form? 😅) - now it can be automated.

What happens with all the old resources?

We’re in the process of moving the NING network to archive.coderetreat.org so no information is lost while we focus on making this project the new landing page for all things related to Coderetreats.

We further began migrating some content to this project and will continue until we feel we covered all the relevant content that used to be available via blogs and forums on the NING network.

In any case, the website will always be available on web.archive.org. Please consider donating to archive.org to keep this awesome service alive!

How can I contribute?

We - by the way, the team of this years Global Day is @abarylko, @alinpandichi, @mplavcan and me, @rradczewsk - are very happy about any contributions from the community. Luckily, with GitHub, it has become very easy for everyone to propose a change. We appreciate Pull Requests, be it one fixing a typo or maybe tackling one of the Issues tagged with “Help wanted”.