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GDCR events in 2019

Montreal, Canada Saturday GDCR 2019 Montréal Nicolas Carlo, Damien Beaufils Busbud, Zenika
Frankfurt/Main, Germany Saturday GDCR 2019 Frankfurt/Main Jens-Hagen Syrbe, CodeRetreat Rhein-Ma Finanz Informatik Solutions Plus GmbH
Karlsruhe, Germany Saturday GDCR19 Karlsruhe @fiducia_gad Urs Metz, Christoph Häfner, Peter Fichtner -
Munich, Germany Saturday GDCR 2019 Munich @ThoughtWorks Andrei Bechet ThoughtWorks
Osnabrück, Germany Saturday GDCR 2019 in Osnabrück Mathias Menninghaus SIEVERS-GROUP
Rheine, Germany Friday GDCR 2019 in Rheine Tobias Richling apetito AG
Zurich, Switzerland Saturday GDCR 2019 in Zurich zarathustra as a service Namics
Pittsburgh, United States of America Saturday GDCR 2019 in Pittsburgh with Code & Supply Colin Dean Code & Supply