Remote Tips

Facilitation Advice


Video conferencing

  • is a free, open-standards-based video conferencing solution that allows for a large number of people to be in the same call. It lacks good moderation tools.
  • zoom is a paid for video conferencing solution that offers break-out rooms and can be moderated.

Collaborative Code Editors

  • VisualStudio Code, together with Live Share, offers easy collaborative editing, sharing a terminal and even tunneling ports so results can be previewed in realtime. It is our recommendation out of any more sophisticated collaborative IDEs.

Brainstorming tools

A shared document can be helpful for persistent information, e.g. video conferencing rooms, schedules or even retrospectives. Share it with your participants upfront!

  • Google Docs offers real-time editing
  • Dropbox Paper offers similar real-time editing
  • is an (almost) infinite canvas that can be used for coordination, brainstorming, retrospectives and collaboration
  • Miro (formerly RealtimeBoard) has similar capabilities as MURAL.
  • Etherpads are an opensource alternative for collaborative editing.


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