On this page, we want to provide you with some handy tools for your event.
Like in the previous years, we have setup Video Booths so you can visit other locations via webcam.

If you have any questions, please find us in the #coderetreat-Channel on the Software Crafters Slack.

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Engaging with all the other events over the world is what makes the GDCR magical. This year, instead of the CodeRetreat Live! app, we're trying to use Twitter to let you share your current status

You're of course free to not use the suggested tweets below, however, we'd appreciate if you would use both the tags #gdcr17 and #live when you update the current session you're running and when you clock in or -out.

This way, you can search for other locations' updates with the search term #gdcr17 AND #live

 There are some suggested constraints in auto complete. If you're interested in more constraints for your sessions, please have a look in the chapter "Other Activities" of the Notes for facilitators

Your suggested Tweets

Starting Your Event
The Session You're Currently Running
At The End Of The Day

Video Booths

Please bring a proper camera (and if possible audio setup) to your event. We have setup a few video booths using to bring together groups from all over the world

If possible, it would be great if you could idle in the booth for your timezone.

 It is fun to join channels in vastly different timezones! E.g., if you're in London, check out New Zealand wrapping things up when you're about to begin and wave goodbye to the US West Coast when your event in London is about to end (and theirs is about to start)! :)

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