Coderetreat Contributors

On the special occasion of celebrating 10 years of coderetreat, we want to give credit to the many people who have contributed by promoting and taking this idea forward.

Here are some* of the coderetreat pioneers, Global Day of Coderetreat (GDCR) trainers and coordinators of the past 10 years:

Magical! Author of Understanding the 4 Rules of Simple Design … / building @kitty_teaparty / he/him/his
Illuminating the dark corners of programming. Destroy All Software (dense programming screencasts); Deconstruct (independent software development conference).
Agile SW Dev coach, learning addict, programmer, tester, Network Weaver.
Agile/Lean Coach - Need to deliver more features, faster & with higher quality? Contact me. 4x improvement guaranteed*! (*results likely, but not guaranteed)
CTO @travel_audience. Architect. Speaker. Deeply curious. In love with life. Personal account - the blame is all mine.
Author: Coderetreat Book Facilitating Technical Events Programmer, Trainer & Coach
Helping humanity & technology work, play & dance together. In Africa, for Africa. #tech #startups #agriculture #space #africa @afrolabs @FarmPin @HyperFarmSat
Programmer, CTO, designer, writer, trainer, coach, SciFi lover. Love to build & understand things. Author:
Software Developer, Completionist and officially appointed Code Cop. I like my code being in order. Obviously I am fanatic about code quality. He/His.
software crafter, web dev, code coach, code retreat facilitator, author, consultant, #tdd, #cleancode, #js, #ruby, #reasonml
I coach coders. They school me. We has us some fun.
Entrepreneur loving Tech & Education. Start-ups & Innovative Teams Mentor. Follow & Teach Agile Lean Principles. Communities Founder, including
Software ethusiast, great cook and dad full time!
Työnohjaaja (STOry), Hiking guide. Programmer. Wanna-be-tester. Friend. See more:
I hope I didn't brain my damage.
sworn code alchemist // principled self-enveloper // continuous discoverer // fan of crystal // friend of beastie // foe of doctrines // drinker of single malts
Trailblazer. The future is radical. She/her. @vlctechhub
ex-teacher, programmer, be *** in future
I'm a passionate software craftsman and the co-founder of - an IT consultancy. I like to run CodeRetreats.
Freelance Software Crafter fancying Short Feedback Loops, Humans over Tools, XP & EventSourcing. Organizer @coderetreat & @socratesday_ber DE/EN, he/him
Hardware / Software developer, judoka, maker, gamer, railfan, race car driver, Technical Practices Coach. CTO at
Software engineer and constant apprentice | Fighting for pragmatism, accessibility, creativity, minimalism, humility, common sense, kaizen, respect & happiness.
Delivery Manager @seekjobs | Technologist | Agilist | Professional Coach ~ Passions: Leadership, Tech, Teams ~ Mum to #agileBaby #agileToddler ~ DE/EN, she/her
Trainer @agileleadersnl, Founder & Leader @utrechtjug, Agile Coach @abnamro, JSR-385 Expert Group (@UnitAPI), Board @coderetreat, Influencer, G(r)eek 'n 🇳🇱.
(Not only) Java developer. Facilitating coding dojos, open spaces, coderetreats and more.

* This list includes only the people who explicitly agreed on being included on this page. If you are a coderetreat pioneer, a GDCR trainer or a coordinator of the past 10 years and want to be included on this page, please, let us know.