Facilitating a Coderetreat

Help improve developers in your community by facilitating a coderetreat in your city.

The facilitator is an essential part of coderetreat. Responsibilities include:

  • introducing the day
  • guiding participants through each session
  • leading inter-session retrospectives
  • leading the closing circle

It is the job of the facilitator to help people learn as much as possible during the coderetreat.

If possible, attend at least one coderetreat before attempting to facilitate a coderetreat yourself.

There are many resources on this site to help you prepare for facilitating a coderetreat.

When you feel ready, volunteer to facilitate a coderetreat!

On The Role of the Coderetreat Facilitator

A great blog post by Corey Haines with some great tips and suggestions for first-time facilitators

Structure of a Coderetreat

Details about what a normal coderetreat typically looks like

Conway's Game of Life (GoL)

The programming challenge used at every traditional coderetreat, for every session

Resources for your attendees

Help your attendees with starting points in different programming languages among others

Activity Catalog

A catalog of challenges or activities attempted at previous coderetreats

Training sessions

Join us during a training session or watch the available pre-recorded training sessions

Media Pack

Logo, brand guidelines, templates, ...

Tools for the Global Day of Coderetreat

Handy tools for your event: Twitter, Video Booths.

Join us on Software Crafters Slack Team at #coderetreat channel