Media Pack

Coderetreat Brand Guidelines

Below are some tables and style information you can use when creating your own Global Day of Coderetreat artifacts.

Spelling and Capitalization

Spell “coderetreat” as one word without any spaces. Do not spell it as “code retreat”.

Use the same capitalization rules for Coderetreat as you would use for the seasons of the year:

  • Use a capital “C” when you use the word as a specific proper noun (e.g. a specific event like the Global Day of Coderetreat),
  • Use a lower-case “c” when referring to coderetreat more generally (e.g., the coderetreat format).


Color Scheme

View the color dot.

Name Hexadecimal (Web) Value R-G-B (decimal)
Lime Green #57B26E 87-178-110
Slightly desaturated lime green #7EC486 126-196-134
Very dark desaturated cyan #1A3238 26-50-56
Very soft cyan #8CDDEE 140-221-238
Light grayish green #F4F9F0 244–249-240
Very dark red #683727 104-55-39
Bright red #e12c2c 255-44-44