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Coderetreats are free day-long, intensive practice events, focusing on the fundamentals of software development and design. By providing developers the opportunity to take part in focused practice, away from the pressures of "getting things done", the coderetreat format has proven itself to be a highly effective means of learning and nurturing software development skills.

All over the world, people are coming together in small communities of practices to learn, explore and grow. Join us on the Global Day of Coderetreat on Nov 04, 2022 - Nov 05, 2022 or discover local communities around you!

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Global Day of Coderetreat

Join thousands of developers on Nov 04-Nov 05, 2022 in the largest free community workshop worldwide.

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What is a coderetreat?

A coderetreat is a day of deliberate practice, far away of the pressure of getting things done. A space for you to try out Test-Driven-Development and other practices.

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Getting started

What do you need to prepare? How do you set up an IDE? We'll answer these and a lot of frequently asked questions in our Getting Started-guide!

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Latest news and articles

Coderetreat — or why you should go and do it!
by Michal Gutman, 2019, English

The team at HelloHeart gathered for their company retreat and wanted to do an exciting workshop. They decided to hold a private coderereat and had our very Corey Haines join them. Find out how they made this happen and how it went in this blogpost by Michal Gutman.

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Coderetreat - dlaczego warto tam być
by Krystian Adamski, 2019, Polish

This year marked the third time Krystian joined a Global Day Of Coderetreat event. Read on to find out why coderetreats don't loose their magic even after the third time!

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Test Driven Development at a Code Retreat
by Anelda van der Walt, 2019, English

Anelda joined a Coderetreat event in Cape Town this year and they were so kind to write up what their expectations were, how they prepared for the event and how it turned out at the end (spoiler: sounds like they enjoyed their time!)

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