Hosting a Coderetreat

GDCR Hosting Tool for 2019

Help improve developers in your community by hosting a coderetreat in your city.

Hosts handle all of the logistics of organizing, finding a local sponsor, running a coderetreat and creating an atmosphere of fun and collaboration.

To host a coderetreat:

  • Pick a date and time to hold your coderetreat. Coderetreats lasts for a day (9:00am-5:00pm). Because of this, coderetreats are usually held on a Saturday.
  • Find a place to hold your coderetreat. Many local tech companies are willing to serve as a venue.
  • Find one or more local sponsors for lunch and other expenses. Coderetreats must be free.
  • Recruit a facilitator to guide the participants through the day.
  • Arrange for a nice, catered lunch. Participants who are willing to come out at 9 in the morning to spend the day coding deserve more than just pizza for lunch.
  • Check the checklist for keeping track of things.


This list is intended as help for people who want to host a coderetreat:

  • Tables and chairs (good for sitting all day)
  • Breakfast snack, e.g. croissants …
  • Healthy lunch (No Pizza!)
  • Afternoon snack, e.g. cake, cookies …
  • Soft-drinks, e.g. water, coffee, tea …
  • Wifi for everyone
  • Power Plugs
  • Flipcharts
  • Stickies and markers
  • Pen and paper for participants
  • Projector
  • Email a reminder to participants one day before event
  • Emergency numbers of host location, e.g. Facility/Security staff

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