Why Attend

Deliberate practice

A code retreat is an opportunity to learn new ways of thinking / approaching a task from your pairing partner, to take really small steps, (...)

Corinna Baldauf

We left the CodeRetreat with a better understanding of how to write clean, simple and flexible programs that minimize the cost of change over time. Big win for everyone.

Michal Gutman

The point of the exercise was to learn how to write better code, not produce a working product.

Jonathan Kerr and Yanny Thompson

A safe place to try out new things

The Coderetreat provided us with a safe place to try out new things, learn and be creative.

Laurent Curau

(...) so many cool little exercises changing what we think it means to write good code.

Briana Baker

I had some reservations about spending almost all day with a bunch of people that I don't know. I didn't know how much I'll get out of it. I feel really happy that I've decided to dedicate almost 10 hours of my life to self-improving.

Grzegorz Ligas

The good thing is that I saw practices that I have never worked with, like TDD: I was really amazed of the way the ping-pong approach works.

Thodoris Bais

Other perspectives

Learn to delete code you write.

Johannes Brodwall

The code is gone, but the lessons learnt remain!

Alin Pandichi

Mute pairing best iteration ever! (...) I mean it was fucking amazing! Total revelation, loved it, gotta do it way more often!

Daniel Ojeda

Do you know that we're celebrating 10th Coderetreat Anniversary?