Running a coderetreat is a challenging, but rewarding endeavour.
We're here to help you to make sure your coderetreat is an inspiring, inclusive and exciting event.

@alastairs presenting how he runs coderetreats

Live Trainings

As always in the upcoming weeks for a Global Day Of Coderetreat, we'll host several live Q&A sessions for facilitators. Make sure you don't miss them by watching this space and joining #coderetreat on the Software Crafters Slack!

If you'd like to host a training session, please get in touch with us.

Recorded training sessions

preparación facilitadores

Hosting Training with Amir

Facilitation Training with Jim

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Latest episodes of Peter Kofler's podcast for coderetreat facilitators

  • 30: Facilitation, typical constraints and advertising (Apr 19, 2021)
    The 30th episode with the following questions: During the day itself what kind of facilitation do you do? Which constraints to use on a typical Coderetreat? How to advertise your Coderetreat?

  • 29: Setup and facilitation of a remote MobRetreat (Feb 25, 2021)
    This is the second episode with Harald Reingruber about Mob Programming: What is your setup for remote mob- or ensemble programming? How to facilitate several remote mobs at once? Are you changing people from the mobs during the MobRetreat?

  • 28: How to keep schedule, including junior facilitators and TDD (Jan 27, 2021)
    In this episode I will answer the following questions: A Coderetreat is very busy. How do you keep the schedule? How to include a supporting or junior facilitator, e.g. from the hosting company? What is Test Driven Development? (Not really answering ...

  • 27: What is a MobRetreat (Jan 03, 2021)
    Happy new year! In this episode Harald Reingruber explains the new format of MobRetreat: What is a MobRetreat? What is the difference to a regular Coderetreat?

  • 26: Coderetreat with progressive sessions without deleting the code (Nov 28, 2020)
    In this episode I am describing an experimental Coderetreat format I used in one of my last retreats. The goal was to have progressive sessions without deleting the code, a bit like product development. I am talking about: Options to work on ...

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