Video Booths

Join other events all over the world on Global Day of Coderetreat to make it a truly special event!

On Global Day of Coderetreat, hundreds – if not thousands! - of developers will participate in the same workshop all over the world. With our videobooths, you can connect with all the other events in a way that makes the event feel truly global!

As a facilitator, all you need is a webcam and a projector that can point into the room throughout the sessions. Our videobooths will automatically select a room with other events, so you can keep it running without intervention throughout the sessions.

If you'd like to take it a step further and say "hi" to other events, we suggest you join the #coderetreat or #gdcr channel on the Software Crafters Slack and reach out, as an actual call usually needs more preparations and scheduling.

Ask your participants for consent! Not everyone consents to their picture being broadcasted to the world. We recommend you let people opt-in to being on camera by pointing the camera at only a portion of the room.
A photo of the videobooths at a coderetreat showing lots of other events participating at the same time A truly global coderetreat with @racingDeveloper